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6636 Hamilton Blvd Suite #1, Allentown, PA 18106

Dudash Group Inc in Allentown provides insurance and financial solutions

Personal Insurance

Home, automobile and life insurance to meet your needs


The Dudash Group offers insurance and fincial services tailored to your particular situation. Whether you are just starting out with your first apartment or beginning retirement; we've got you covered. Set up an appointment with one of our Agents today!

Home Insurance

Your house is where you should feel safe and secure. We will work directly with your mortgage company to escrow the premium or simply set up e-bill to keep everything simple and easy for you.

Renter's/Landlord Insurance

The unexpected happens everyday. Protect your belongings from fire, floods and accidents with an economical yearly policy.

Auto/Motorcyle Insurance

Auto insurance is not only a legal requirement but a way to protect your investment. We have customized coverage options that will ensure your car, truck or motorcycle  has the protection it needs.

Sports and Leisure Vehicles

Have fun and be safe while protecting your boat, RVs and jet skis.

Life Insurance

Has your family changed, or grown bigger? Recent changes can be a good time to review your life insurance policies or discuss starting a new life insurance program. Set up an appointment with one of our Agents today and we can review your situation together.